Lesson Plan

Short Vowel Round-Up

Bingo! Short vowel word recognition turns into a fun and engaging game in this teacher-approved reading lesson. Your students will have a blast identifying vowel sounds and using their knowledge to fill in bingo spaces.
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn to distinguish between short and long vowel sounds.


(10 minutes)
Short Vowel BingoShort Vowel Picture CardsShort Vowel Quiz
  • Gather students together and announce that it's "Bingo Game Day" for short vowels.
  • Ask if anyone has noticed any short vowels "hanging around" today.
  • Point to the Short Vowel Picture Cards hanging on the board and say each sound, then the picture name (for example, O...Octopus).
  • Announce that these cards will help us decide if words match one of sounds. If the word matches one of the short vowel sounds, that word will be a "Bingo Word of the Day."
  • Play the Bingo Word of the Day game using the word list from the Short Vowel Bingo game.
  • Choose five of the Word List words and ask students to listen as you read each word.
  • Ask them to say "bingo" if they think the word is a short vowel word.
  • Tally each correct response on the board under the title "Bingo Words."
  • Announce the Bingo Word of the Day score.
  • Correct any words missed and use the Short Vowel picture cards as a checklist for errors.

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