Lesson Plan

Silent E Springing Up

Help your students learn new vocabulary in this hands-on lesson. Your class will learn new words by adding a silent e on the end of familiar CVC words.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to recognize, read, spell, and write one-syllable words with long vowels and short vowels. Students will learn how to locate information using reference resources and apply their knowledge to their writing.


(5 minutes)
Just Add E
  • Group your students at their work stations before starting the lesson. This will cut down on distractions when transitioning to the execution of the activity.
  • Begin the lesson by activating your students' prior knowledge about CVC words. Ask a volunteer to tell you what a CVC word is. Example answer: A CVC word is a three letter word that has two consonants sandwiching a vowel.
  • Once a student answers, ask the class whether most CVC words have a short vowel sound or a long vowel sound.
  • After students come to the conclusion that CVC words have short vowel sounds, explain that today the class will be learning how to recognize, read, and write words with long vowel sounds.
  • Introduce your class to the concept of silent e, which changes a short vowel CVC word into a long vowel word by making the vowel say its name.