Lesson Plan

Sillier or Silliest? A Suffix Study

In this suffix lesson plan, your students will practice using the suffixes -*er* and -*est* to create comparative and superlative adjectives.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to form comparative and superlative adjectives using the suffixes -er and -est.


(2 minutes)
How to Use the Suffixes <i>-er</i> and <i>-est</i>Let's Practice Using Suffixes: <i>-er</i> and <i>-est</i>What Are Comparatives & Superlatives?
  • On the board, draw a picture of three people ranging in height from short to tall.
  • Label the three people with the words "tall, taller, tallest."
  • Ask students to identify the suffixes in the words you wrote on the board (-er and -est).
  • Underline the suffixes -er and -est in the words "taller" and "tallest."
  • Remind students that suffixes, like these, are groups of letters that are added to the ends of words to change their meaning.
  • Tell students that today they will learn about the suffixes -er and -est.