Lesson Plan

Skip Counting by Twos

Make counting fun with colorful counting bears. Students will learn that skip counting is faster than counting by ones. They will also come away from the lesson with ideas of when skip counting can be used.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to skip count by twos and understand when it is appropriate to skip count by two.


(10 minutes)
Hundreds Chart
  • Introduce the lesson with a warm-up question.
  • Tell students that the principal is taking a poll to find out how many students are in the first grade. She needs to know how many students are in our class.
  • Ask someone to volunteer to count the number of students in the classroom.
  • A student is most likely to count by ones to accomplish this task. Ask her if she knows of a faster way to count than by ones. If the students do not say “counting by twos,” then suggest that you try counting by twos as a class.
  • Once you have counted by twos as a group, ask the students which method was faster: counting by ones or by twos.
  • Ask students to name other situations in which they have heard people counting by twos. For example, have they heard people counting by twos during class field trips?
  • Explain that students can count by twos in their own lives as well, e.g. when they are counting how many coins or how many toys they have.