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Spelling Homophones

Help your students correctly spell homophones in sentences! They’ll use context clues to determine the correct homophone spelling and then check their answers with a dictionary.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to choose the correct spelling between homophones based on the context of the sentence.


(5 minutes)
Homophone Hero
  • Display one of the pictures from the What is a Homophone? website, or another website of your choice.
  • Help determine students' understanding of homophones by asking the following questions: What is the cartoonist telling you with these two pictures? What do the underlined words have in common?
  • Tell students that today they will focus on spelling homophones correctly by using the context of a sentence. They can also check their answers in an online dictionary.
  • Ask a student to read the student objective.
  • Choose another student to define context clues as clues within a sentence that tell the meaning of words and homophones as words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.
  • Correct the student's definition before continuing to the next section, if necessary.

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