Lesson Plan

Spring Showers Water Cycle

Leap into a spring lesson plan about the water cycle, with the help of a friend in the book *The Little Raindrop*. Students will learn features of the water cycle and retell the journey of the raindrop verbally and in writing.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to retell a fictional text about the water cycle using temporal words.


(5 minutes)
  • Fill a sandwich bag a quarter full with water, and hang it from the window a day before the lesson so the sun heats the bag. The heat applied to the bag will cause evaporation. Since the sandwich bag is closed, the water vapor trapped in the bag clings to the sides as water droplets, showing condensation. (Tip: If it is not a hot and sunny day, use a lamp aimed at the bag to stimulate evaporation. You can also use blue food coloring in the water to create greater contrast between the water and the bag.)
  • Show the students the bag with the drops of condensation that formed from the evaporating water. Hold up the other bag filled with water that was not placed on the window for them to contrast. (One bag will have water droplets and be a bit foggy, while the other will be clear with water on the bottom.)
  • Ask them if they know why the drops formed at the top of the bag. (For instance, “How did the drops get to the top and sides of the bag? How do you think the heat effected the water? Why is one bag clear and the other slightly foggy?”)
  • Say, “The sandwich bag is a small model of what happens when it rains. This spring lesson plan will focus on the water cycle and how spring rain is just a part of that cycle.”