Lesson Plan

St. Patrick's Day Blarney

In this Saint Patrick's Day lesson plan, students will complete a 5-strategy comprehension exercise using "The Legend of the Blarney Stone."
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to determine meaning and develop contextual awareness for unfamiliar words.


(5 minutes)
  • Write the word "football" on a poster chart visible to your entire class.
  • Invite students to turn and tell a neightbor what "football" means and where it comes from, in two sentences or less.
  • Draw a T-chart below the word "football" and label one column definition and the other column origin.
  • Call your students' attention to the T-chart and explain:
    • the column labeled definition means "word meaning".
    • the column labeled origin means "where something comes from".
  • Solicit and list several details for each column about "football" from your students.
  • Tell your class they will learn to define words and phrases in a similar way, using an Irish tale in celebration of St. Patrick's Day!