Lesson Plan

St. Valentine’s Conflicting Compare and Contrast

Who was the mastermind behind the lovely, sweets-laden Valentine’s Day? In this Valentine Lesson Plan, students will compare and contrast two interpretations of St. Valentine’s legendary defiance and retell the legend they believe is true.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare and contrast the origin of Valentine’s Day and verbally recount a St. Valentine legend of their choice.


(5 minutes)
  • Distribute white boards and ask students to choose their favorite Avenger: Captain America or Iron Man. (Tip: If students are unfamiliar with these two characters, choose different characters or people to compare and contrast.)
  • Have students write their answers on their white boards and hold them up. (Tip: Write the names on the board for them to copy.)
  • Assign partners based on their Avenger choice and ask the pairs to write down the things they like about them.
  • Draw a Venn diagram on the board and label the same and differences section (see the Valentine History worksheet for an example).
  • Choose students to contribute comments regarding the details. (Tip: As they give their details, write them in the correct section on the Venn diagram, relaying your reasoning to your students.)