Lesson Plan

Structure Building Challenge

Get your students to be builders and create structures with a variety of materials. Students will have the opportunity to be creative, cooperate in groups, and discuss their experience.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to build structures using common materials and explore ways to solve problems when building structures.


(15 minutes)
  • Explain to the students that today they will learn about structures.
  • Read Look at That Building: A First Look at Structures to the students, and then have the students say the names of some of the structures as you read about.
  • Then ask the students if there are structures in the book that are similar to those in their neighborhood.
  • Explain to the students that a good structure is one with balance, or an even distribution of weight that allows the building to stay upright and steady.
  • Tell the students to stand up and show you what good balance looks like. Then tell them to lift a leg and ask them if they still have good balance.
  • Discuss with the students how good structures need to have a strong base.