Lesson Plan

Subtraction Masters

Your students will be experts in subtraction with regrouping after this lesson that has them work as a class and individually to perfect their skills.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to solve subtraction problems with two-digit numbers.


(10 minutes)
Subtraction with Borrowing: Honeybees!Solve a Subtraction Lineup ChallengeSweet Treat Math Word Problems
  • Tell students that today you are going to teach them how to subtract two-digit numbers.
  • Think of a short word problem that uses subtraction with two-digit numbers. For example: 36 children are out on the playground. A teacher comes out and calls 17 of them back in. How many children are left on the playground?
  • Solve this problem on the board by lining up the place values and using regrouping to break up the digit in the tens place to create enough ones to subtract.