Lesson Plan

Super Suffixes

Suffixes can do some amazing things. They can turn "power" into "powerful," "big" into "bigger," and "fear" into "fearless." This hands-on lesson allows young writers to build their own words using different root words and suffixes.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify common suffixes and determine the meanings of words that include those suffixes.


(5 minutes)
Root Word ListSuffix ListSuffix Addition Worksheet
  • Write "breakable," "comfortable," and "washable" on the board.
  • Ask students what they notice about this list of words. Guide them towards the idea that all three words end in "able."
  • Explain that "-able" is a suffix, or a group of letters that comes at the end of a root word and changes its meaning.
  • Explain that a root word doesn't have a prefix or suffix. List some examples like the words color, form, and art. Show how adding "-ful" (which means "full of") to "color" changes its meaning.