Lesson plan

Supporting Opinions with Style

Your students’ organization and prewriting skills will shine as they introduce their topic, state an opinion, and list three supporting reasons.
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Your class will state an opinion with descriptive reasons in complete sentences.

(5 minutes)
  • Tell your class about something you love. For instance: "I love chocolate ice cream."
  • Explain that this is an example of an opinion, or an idea that you believe.
  • Next, give three reasons, or explanations, that support your opinion. For example: "I love chocolate ice cream because it’s completely refreshing, so sweet, and amazingly smooth."
(5 minutes)
  • Display the Supporting My Opinion Organizer Teacher Model to illustrate your example.
  • Note how each reason (A, B, and C) you gave uses an adjective (completely, so, amazingly) and a descriptive noun (refreshing, sweet, smooth).
  • Explain how using adjectives and descriptive nouns adds descriptive style to their sentences.
(10 minutes)
  • Have your class brainstorm a list of adjectives and descriptive nouns on a poster size T-chart.
  • Ask class volunteers for additional reasons to like chocolate Ice cream, using an adjective and a descriptive noun.
  • List the class’ additional reasons on a pre-prepped poster version of Supporting Opinions with Style chart with “I love chocolate ice cream” written in the opinion section.
  • Show how the Supporting Opinions with Style Organizer teacher model and class models are mapped out, using the poster version.
(15 minutes)
  • Arrange your students in pairs or groups of three.
  • Tell your class that they will be writing an opinion and supporting sentences with descriptive style.
  • Explain your class work time rules and expectations.
  • Answer any clarifying questions about the assignment.
  • Tell your students to start working.


  • Challenge these students to use varied sentence starters for their opinion sentence. Examples include: "I adore chocolate..." "My fantasy dessert is chocolate..." "Chocolate ice cream is simply the best because…"
  • Write their sentences in paragraph form.


  • Refer students to the Opinions with Style Organizer teacher model, class model and T-chart listing of adjectives and descriptive nouns as they decide on which adjectives and descriptive nouns to use.

Document projectors may greatly enhance presentations for providing poster-sized versions of lesson support materials.

  • Walk around during student work time to ask your students leading questions. Great examples include: "What other adjectives might work here?" "Do you think this is the best descriptive noun?"
  • As you check in with students, look to see that they are using adjectives, descriptive nouns, and complete sentences.
  • Time for assessment is embedded into independent work time and review and closing.
(10 minutes)
  • Have student volunteers to share their Opinion Writing Topic Sentence Organizers.
  • Ask your students to volunteer feedback on student presentation strengths and examples of descriptive style.
  • An example of a positive feedback sentence starter could be, "I really enjoyed how you..." or "I like how you showed descriptive style when you..."
  • Answer any clarifying questions.
  • Collect finished work.

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