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Sweet Solutions

With this pastry themed lesson, your students will apply addition strategies to solve two-step, three-digit addition word problems. Finding the solutions will be sweet!
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Learning Objectives

Students will apply addition strategies to solve three-digit, two-step word problems.


(5 minutes)
  • Invite students to sit in a circle and distribute a mixture of addition and subtraction flashcards, giving one card per student.
  • Tell the students that their task is to go around the circle and add or subtract as quickly as possible, using the number that their neighbor calculates.
  • Tell the students that the starting number is 250.
  • Ask one student to begin and give students the opportunity to go around the circle, adding or subtracting to the previous number that was spoken.
  • Note that there were many steps in achieving the final answer. Explain that some word problems involve more than one step in order to find the solution and that they will be learning how to solve two-step word problems.

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