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Syllable Sea

Familiarize your preschoolers with syllables by taking them under the sea with this interactive lesson about creatures of the sea.
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Learning Objectives

Students will demonstrate understanding of syllables as units of sound that can be counted.


(10 minutes)
Draw the Syllables 2
  • Gather students in a circle.
  • Introduce the Syllable Game, where students learn to clap out the syllables in their names.
  • Announce each student’s name with a clap and count for each syllable. For example: Jo (clap) seph (clap), two syllables. Explain that each clap counts out a sound that is called a syllable.
  • Model the game with your own name and clap for each syllable. Ask students to echo the number of syllables.
  • Have each student announce their own name with claps.
  • The choral response of the group after each name announcement should be to say the number of syllables.

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