Lesson Plan

Synonyms, Antonyms, and Oxymora

Review synonyms and antonyms by creating oxymora! An oxymoron is a fun way to integrate figurative language in students’ writing. This lesson will ask students to use antonyms to create their own oxymora.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use their understanding of synonyms and antonyms to create oxymora.


(5 minutes)
Oxymoron CreationsObvious Oxymoron
  • Write the following on the board: "This is a genuine imitation Coach purse." Ask students to consider the sentence and discuss in what way the words "genuine" and "imitation" are related (e.g., they are antonyms). Have them define the word "genuine" and "imitation" to see the relationship between the two words.
  • Ask students to provide a definition for antonyms and synonyms. Define antonyms as words that have the opposite meaning and synonyms as words that have the same meaning. Provide some examples (e.g., absent/present, forward/backward).