Lesson Plan

Tell Me About a Telling Sentence

This lesson will help your students write proper telling sentences. It features exercises for describing objects, writing descriptions, and fixing sentences.
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Telling sentences are statements that begin with a capital letter and end with a period. Kindergarten and first graders are learning how to build simple sentences and in this lesson, they will identify and rewrite telling sentences. They will be tasked with putting jumbled sentences back into the correct syntax. Once they comprehend that a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period, they will be able to decode them correctly.This is an important foundational grammar and writing skill for your child to master.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify, critique, and rewrite telling sentences correctly.


(5 minutes)
Fix the Sentences
  • Hold up the pictures in front of the class.
  • Ask students to tell you different things about the pictures.
  • Write their sentences on the board.