Lesson Plan

That Old Cliché

Once in a blue moon, you will have students who completely understand clichés but they can be few and far between. In this lesson, your students will explore how clichés are popular, but overused.
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Learning Objectives

Students will understand the origins and meaning of certain clichés.


(10 minutes)
That Old Cliché: ListThat Old Cliché: Guided Practice
  • As an introduction to this lesson, use sticky notes to post the following prompt (cliché): Time heals all wounds.
  • Ask all students to suggest a meaning for the prompt.
  • Have students volunteer to share their thoughts.
  • They may come up with answers similar to this: “pain and misery get easier as time passes by.”
  • Tell students that the prompt is a figure of speech known as a cliché.
  • Tell students that clichés are phrases and opinions that usually express a popular thought or idea but have been overused so much that they have lost their originality and impact.
  • Have students identify the meaning of the analogy and reveal if the cliché has any real meaning for them.
  • Explain to students that in this lesson, they will understand the meaning of words and phrases that are clichés.