Lesson Plan

The Beginning 'sh' Digraph

This lesson integrates phonemic awareness and phonics. Using a number of exciting activities, your students will learn about two consonants that come together to make a digraph.
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Young learners will explore letter-sound relationships in this reading and writing lesson plan that focuses on the beginning sh digraph. Geared toward kindergarten and first grade learners, this lesson provides plenty of practice identifying and reading words that begin with the sh sound (such as ship, shell, and shark) and introduces children to the terms “digraph” and “blends.” After learning how to recognize the digraph, learners will have an opportunity to create their own “sh book” by cutting and pasting images that begin with this unique sh sound.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to say the /sh/ digraph correctly. Students will be able to identify words that begin with the /sh/ digraph.


(5 minutes)
Sh BookWords that Start with Sh"Sh" Words: A Word Family Book
  • Explain to your students that today they will learn about consonant blends, which are two or three consonants that come together to make a different consonant sound. In particular, tell them that they will discuss a special type of blend called a consonant digraph, where two consonants combine to make one sound.
  • Review the consonants with your students.
  • Choose a few consonant cards, and ask your students to say the sound of each.