Lesson Plan:

The Letter E

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August 23, 2015
by D'Vonne White
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August 23, 2015
by D'Vonne White

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify the uppercase letter E.


Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Have students come together as a group.
  • To motivate the students, say, "Today we will be learning about the letter E. Look around the room. Can anyone identify the letter E?"
  • Inform the students that E is a very common letter. E is the first letter of "egg," "elephant," "ear," and "Easter."
  • Many people have the letter E in their names.
  • Instruct the students to return to their desk and look at their name tags. Ask them to point to the letter E if it is in their names.
  • Inform the class of which students have an E in their names.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (10 minutes)

  • Have them draw their attention to the pieces of play dough on their desk.
  • There is one long piece of play dough and three shorter pieces. From the front of the room, demonstrate how to arrange the pieces to form a capital E.
  • Place the longest piece of play dough to the left vertically, Place the 3 shorter pieces horizontally on the right.
  • Have students work in pairs to repeat your model.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (10 minutes)

  • Have students move to two different stations in the room.
  • At station 1, have the students take a piece of chalk and write the letter E on the black construction paper provided. You may choose to provide tracing lines if needed.
  • At station 2, have the students use their hands to form the letter E in shaving cream that is sprayed on top of newspaper. Have the students wash and dry their hands before proceeding to independent work.

Independent Working Time (10 minutes)

  • Have the students sit a their desk with their pencils.
  • Distribute Learn the Letter E worksheet.
  • Read the instructions aloud to the students.
  • Walk around the room and monitor the students as they work.



  • Enrichment: Challenge advanced students to complete the All About the Letter E worksheet.
  • Support: Pair struggling students with more advanced students for peer assistance.


Assessment (10 minutes)

  • Collect and evaluate students' worksheets to assess their understanding of the lesson content.

Review and Closing (10 minutes)

  • Have the students come to you and write the letter E in the air.

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