August 22, 2015
by Natalie Chari
Lesson Plan:

The Little Red Hen: Story Patterns

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Students will be able to identify story patterns and formulate opinions about a text.

(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that today we're going to read a story called The Little Red Hen.
  • Ask students if they've heard about this story before. If they have already, tell them to not spoil the story for their friends who haven't heard it yet.
(15 minutes)
  • Using the computer or electronic tablet, read The Little Red Hen with your students.
  • Ask students comprehension questions throughout the story to check their understanding.
  • Ask students if they've identified a pattern in the story (e.g. "Not I").
(15 minutes)
  • Ask the students whether they agree with the Little Red Hen's decision to eat the bread all by herself in the end. Is it nice or not nice of her to do so? Allow the students to express their opinions and debate this question.
  • Divide the class into two groups and have them debate.
(30 minutes)
  • Have the students work on the Little Red Hen Felt Craft activity.
  • Enrichment: Let advanced students write down whether they agree or not with the Little Red Hen's decision in the end.
  • Support: Help students who need support (in particular language support), with forming their sentences.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask students for the morals of the story.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask students reading comprehension questions (e.g. Who was a hard worker? Who was lazy?).

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