Lesson Plan

The Quaint Letter Q

There will be no question that students will know all about the letter Q after this engaging lesson. Teach your students this letter Q lesson so they can practice identifying, saying, and forming the letter.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify the letter Q. Students will be able to make the letter Q sound. Students will be able to form uppercase and lowercase Q.


(5 minutes)
Alphabet Practice: QFive Little DucksLetter Maze: QPractice Tracing Q
  • Before the lesson, place the letter Q cutout under a student's table.
  • Wrap a quilt around you, and shake the quarters in your hand.
  • Walk around the room as if you are searching for something.
  • Tell students that you are looking for the letter that quilt and quarter begins with.
  • Find the letter Q you hid beforehand, and act relieved.
  • Place your props aside.