Lesson Plan

The Sound of Silence

Students will read a story and listen to a song to explore the sound of silence, its meaning, and significance. They will share their experience and reflect on how and why silence or space can be important.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to understand the significance of silence.
  • Students will be able to explain the role silence can play in their lives in relation to themselves, music, art, and the natural world.


(10 minutes)
The Sound of Silence
  • Ask the class to come together and form a circle on the floor or in chairs.
  • Guide the students to come into quiet, mindful bodies.
  • Ring the chime. Once the ringing stops, ask the class, "Did you hear that?" Pause. When silent again, ask, "Do you hear that?"
  • Ask the class, "What do you hear?" Receive answers for the different noises and sounds.
  • Tell students, "Raise your hand if you hear silence." (If the room is not silent, ask the class if they can hear the pause in between sounds instead.)
  • Explain that our lives can often be filled with sounds and loudness.
  • Ask, "Where can we find silence?"
  • Ask students to raise their hands if they like silence. Then, ask them to raise their hands if they dislike silence.
  • Explain that today we will be exploring silence and reading the story The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito.