Lesson Plan

The Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets Play

Help improve your class' reading comprehension and language development with this lesson that has them retell a familiar story in groups.
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The lesson plan, The Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets Play, combines an old fable and puppets to boost young learners' reading comprehension. Kindergarteners and first graders will enjoy listening to the story "The Three Little Pigs," and then retelling the story with their very own puppets. This provides a great opportunity for kids to communicate, use their fine motor skills, and build confidence in speaking. After children successfully retell the story, challenge them to write about their favorite character.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify story patterns and retell familiar stories including key details in small groups.


(5 minutes)
The Three Little Pigs Finger Puppet ShowThe Three Little Pigs Story
  • Tell students that today we're going to read a story called The Three Little Pigs.
  • Ask students if they've heard or read this story before. If they have, ask them to not spoil the story for their peers who haven't.