Lesson Plan

They Sound Alike

This exciting lesson plan will introduce your second grade students to two different versions of the well-loved Cinderella story while also teaching them about making inferences and comparing and contrasting stories.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to make inferences when comparing and contrasting two stories.


(5 minutes)
  • Tell students you are doing something interesting this weekend, but you aren’t going to tell them what because you’d like them to guess. Show them several items related to a known activity (e.g., hiking boots, walking stick, binoculars, bird watching book, etc.) and ask them to think about what activity you might be planning on doing
  • Listen to student ideas, and after they have guessed, ask them how they knew or came up with their guess (e.g. experience hiking or birdwatching).
  • Write the word "infer” on the board and explain that to infer means figuring out something that wasn’t completely explained in the book.
  • Tell students that you can make inferences by activating your prior knowledge and using evidence that the author gives to you. Explain that evidence can be found when an author shows or tells you something specific. For example, hiking boots can be evidence of going on a hike.