Lesson Plan

This May Take Time: Growth Mindset

In this lesson, students will explore growth mindset and learn to shift from saying “This is too hard,” to “This may take time.” They will practice slowing down and building patience when things are challenging and require effort.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to practice growth mindset by shifting from saying, "This is too hard," to "This may take time."
  • Students will be able to practice slowing down when completing a task.


(15 minutes)
Building Patience Through Art
  • Join students in a circle, either seated on the rug or in chairs.
  • Ask, "What happens when we have something that may be challenging to complete? For example, what happens when we have a challenging assignment, sport, or we are just trying something new that's tough?"
  • Listen to their answers, and mention that we may give up or say, "This is too hard."
  • Ask the class, "What may help us when we are faced with a challenge or a new task?"
  • Build upon their answers, and share that we can ask for help and change our mindset if we are faced with a challenge.
  • Explain that today, we will be practicing changing our mindset and using the phrase, "This may take time," instead of "This is too hard," when faced with a tough task.
  • Tell students that they will watch a video about a woman who has "differing-abilities." This woman is a famous artist who does not have arms, but she's able to paint with her feet.
  • Explain that this woman, Swapna Augustine, is one of the many painters who are part of the global Mouth and Foot Painting Association.
  • Show the "Armless Artist's Incredible Paintings" video.
  • Afterwards, ask the class, "What qualities do you think this woman has to be able to paint such incredible pieces with her feet?"
  • Build upon their answers, and share that the artist must have determination, tolerance, patience, and the capacity to slow down.
  • Ask, "What may help us use the mindset (similar to Swapna Augustine's) that challenging things 'may take time'?"
  • Build upon their answers and mention the importance of having patience and slowing down.
  • Write the statement, "This may take time," on the board, and write the students' ideas beneath it. Make sure to include "patience" and "slowing down."
  • Tell them that today, we will be practicing slowing down and using patience when completing a task.
  • Ask students what patience means to them. Write their answers on the board, along with the following definition of patience: "to accept or tolerate challenges without getting angry or upset."