Lesson Plan

Three-Step Peer Editing

Teach your students to edit peer writing with a three-step process that will improve their writing skills and overall confidence. In this lesson, students will practice editing short pieces of writing using specific criteria.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to edit peer writing using a three-step process: compliment, suggest, correct.


(5 minutes)
Editing ChecklistPeer EditingEditing PracticeCorrecting Run-Ons and Incomplete Sentences
  • Show the Peer Editing video by Marie Claire Amorella to your students as an introduction to peer editing, or giving your friends helpful suggestions, comments, and compliments on their writing.
  • Review the three steps for peer editing that were introduced in the video: compliments, or things that you liked about the author's writing; suggestions, or specific ideas about the author’s word choice, use of detail, organization, topic, and clarity; and corrections, or making edits directly on the piece of writing to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capital letters.
  • Remind your students to be nice while they edit their peer's writing, as it can sometimes be difficult to receive feedback. Discuss this aspect of peer diting as needed. Demonstrate how students should make suggestions by modeling nice language. For example: instead of saying "This doesn’t make sense," try saying, "This would be more clear if..."