Lesson Plan

Time Memory

Teach your students how to tell time to the half hour with this lesson where students play a memory matching game and receive plenty of practice to help them understand the concept.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to match the written time with the digital clock time.


(5 minutes)
Time Memory cardsOn the Half HourMalcolm Mouse
  • Make sure to have enough sets of the Time Memory cards copied for the student to work in pairs.
  • Review the differences between digital clocks, or clocks that display the time in numerals, analog clocks, or clocks that display the time using rotating arms, and written words, which can tell you the time by spelling out the hours.
  • Explain that in this game we will match the digital clock time with the written words.
  • Tell students that When they are finished, they will complete two worksheets that will help them understand time.