Lesson Plan

To Groove or Not to Groove?

In this lesson, students explore ways they can give themselves more energy or help them relax. They will also learn that movement breaks are beneficial in releasing stress and tension and providing energy.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to explore and experience calming and energizing techniques to relieve stress or provide motivation.


(10 minutes)
Groovy Finger Painting
  • Join the class together in a circle, either seated or standing.
  • Tell them that they will be exploring different ways to feel more calm or energized.
  • Write the following phrases on the board: "Calming Techniques" and "Energizing Techniques."
  • Dance in place and jump around.
  • Ask the students, "Do you think what I'm doing helps bring calm or energy to my body?" After taking some responses, explain that this activity brings an energizing feeling to our bodies and minds.
  • Sit still and calm.
  • Ask, "Do you think this helps bring calm or energy?" Explain that this brings a more peaceful energy to our bodies and minds.
  • Under "Energizing Techniques" on the board, write "Movement and Dance." Under "Calming Techniques," write "Sitting and Breathing."