Lesson Plan

Training Our Puppy Mind

In this lesson, students will practice mindfulness and learn how our minds can be like a puppy. They will learn that we can use mindfulness to train our wandering minds by bringing our thoughts back to our bodies, breathing, or sounds.
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Learning Objectives

Students will understand how thoughts can be trained, just like a puppy, with kindness and gentleness.


(10 minutes)
Clay Puppy Models
  • Ask for a student volunteer to come up to the front and participate in the "Taking a Walk with These Thoughts" activity (described below).
  • Without the rest of the class hearing, tell the student volunteer to play the role of your thinking mind, and pretend to be your mind's thoughts as you walk around the room. Tell them to say, "Wow, look at this messy board" when you walk by the whiteboard, and "I have so much work to do" when you walk by your computer.
  • Begin walking around the room, and have the student volunteer say these thoughts. While this is happening, invite the rest of the class to guess what the student volunteer is doing and the role they are playing.
  • Build upon everyone's answers, and tell them that the student volunteer was playing the role of your "thinking mind."
  • Tell the class that we tend to be thinking all the time, even if we don't share our thoughts.