Lesson Plan

Transitioning to Intermediate Directions

This lesson will introduce students to intermediate map directions northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. It also offers practice writing functional texts using transitional words as well as both cardinal and intermediate directions.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to follow and give directions using intermediate directions and transitional words.


(8 minutes)
Practice Intermediate DirectionsIntermediate Directions
  • Separate the students into two groups.
  • Play a game with the students. Draw an intermediate direction from the index cards pile, and have one group move in that direction. Repeat the steps for the next group.
  • Provide two directions at one time, using transitional words. (For example, Group A, move southeast, then move north.)
  • Reference the posted intermediate directions on the classroom walls as support.
  • Say, “Now that we have practiced moving ourselves using intermediate directions, we will use transitional words and intermediate directions with a map.”