Lesson Plan

Using Tape Models to Compare Like Fractions

Teach your students to compare fractions using symbols ( >, < = ) in three easy steps. Using this lesson plan, your class will compare like fractions using tape diagrams.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to illustrate comparisons of like fractions using a tape diagram model.


(5 minutes)
Compare Like Fractions with Tape Diagrams
  • Show your class a blank sheet of copy paper, and fold it into eight equal parts
  • Folding the paper in half three times should yield eight equal parts. When held landscape-wise you should have a double stacked tape diagram with four equal sections.
  • Shade in one rectangle on top tape and two rectangles on the bottom tape and ask, “When you look at the top row and the bottom row, which is more and how do you know?
  • Allow for students to share ideas with the whole class.