Lesson Plan:

Using Text Features

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November 16, 2016
by Lily Jones
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November 16, 2016
by Lily Jones

Learning Objectives

Students will use text features in informational writing.


Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Ask students, “What is an informational book?” Explain that informational books give you information. They differ from fiction books, which tell made up stories. Informational books are also called nonfiction.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (15 minutes)

  • Ask, “What are text features?” Tell students that informational books often have certain text features that make them different than picture books.
  • On chart paper, write or draw examples of a table of contents, labels, diagrams, headings, and glossaries.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (10 minutes)

If students are not currently working on informational writing, give them a moment to think about what they might write about. Then have students take a minute to think about text features they might use in their informational writing. Ask students to share their ideas with partners, encouraging them to give feedback and ask questions.

Independent Working Time (25 minutes)

Have students work on their informational writing, making sure to include at least two different types of text features.



  • Enrichment: Have students include three or more text features.
  • Support: Have students include one text feature.


Assessment (10 minutes)

Have students share their writing with the partners they previously worked with. As students share, assess their understanding and inclusion of text features.

Review and Closing (5 minutes)

Have students think about an additional text feature they could include in their writing next time. Ask students to share their ideas.

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