Lesson Plan

Using Word Parts to Determine the Meaning of Words

Give your readers the tools to decipher the meaning of Greek and Latin based words. In this lesson they review the meaning of commonly used prefixes, suffixes and roots and then practice constructing and deciphering words.
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn how to use word parts (prefixes, suffixes and roots) to help determine the meaning of words.


(5 minutes)
  • Write the following word on the board: ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM
  • Ask students if they recognize any word or word parts. Have them share the word parts that they see, and as they share, underline or circle those word parts.
    • Example: Anti-dis-establish-ment-arian-ism
  • Have students practice saying the word on the board, just for fun. Students love this word!
  • Explain that when you know what each of the word parts means you can use those meanings as clues to figure out the meaning of the whole word.
  • Ask students if they have heard of any other words that use any of these word parts (prefixes or suffixes).
    • Example: Anti → Antiperspirant. Explain that to perspire is to sweat so what might ANTIperspirant be used for?