Lesson Plan

Wacky Windmill Challenge

Windmills have been around for generations to grind food and create energy. During this challenge, students will use various materials and put their engineering skills to work by creating their own windmills.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to create windmills that move when powered by the wind. Students will be able to work in groups to create a product, analyzing and redesigning their product as necessary.


(3 minutes)
  • Tell your class that today everyone will be creating windmills.
  • Ask for volunteers to tell you what a windmill is. After some discussion, define a windmill as a machine with sails that is powered by the wind. Explain that windmills have been used to grind food, and in modern times, create energy.
  • Tell your students that they'll be working in groups to complete today's activity.
  • Give a Wacky Windmill Challenge packet to each student.
  • Instruct your students to review the constraints of today's challenge.