Lesson Plan

We Are Peacemakers

On some level, all humans want to feel peace and to feel loved. In this lesson, students will practice sending peaceful thoughts to themselves and others and discuss how these practices can support peace in their lives and community.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to practice sending peaceful thoughts to themselves and others and create a classroom banner that represents peace.


(10 minutes)
  • Place papers with numbers 1–5 up and separated on a few walls. (You may also place a happy face on 5, neutral face on 3 and a sad face on 1).
  • Join students together in a circle.
  • Show the class the numbered papers up on the wall.
  • Explain that you will read things aloud and if they like what is said, they will move to the number 5, if they are not sure they will move to the number 3, and if they strongly dislike it they will move tothe number 1. Tell them to move to 2 if they are feeling in between disliking and neutral, and 4 if they feel in between liking it and being neutral.
  • Model for the class and say, "Reading books."
  • Explain that you love to read books and then move to the number 5.
  • Tell students, "Now it's your turn!"
  • Say, "Ice cream," and allow students to move to a number.
  • Continue to read each phrase below and allow for students to move to each number and to look around the room.
    • "Playing outside"
    • "Dogs"
    • "Reading books"
    • "When others say mean things"
    • "To feel peaceful"
    • "P.E."
    • "Art and painting"
    • "When someone lies to you"
    • "When someone tells you the truth"
    • "When you make a mistake"
    • "When you hear encouraging words"
  • Pause and bring students back together in a circle.
  • Ask, "What did you notice? What similarities did the class have?
  • Explain that they may have noticed a friend who liked something different from them.
  • Ask, "What was that like? How does this activity affect how you view the class and people in general?"
  • Explain that they may have noticed that most of the people in class wanted peace and that they did not like when people say mean things.
  • Ask, "If we had asked a thousand more people, do you think most of them would have wanted this, as well?"