Lesson Plan

We Write About Dinosaurs

This little dinosaur … helped build vocabulary skills! Introduce your students to writing with this fun class project using a familiar childhood poem. Your class will write their own verses to create a class book.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to participate in shared writing projects. Students will be able to write a shared poem.


(5 minutes)

Prior to beginning this project, read several books about dinosaurs as a class. Look at the cover of each book, and use picture clues to help kids decide if the books are factual or make-believe.

  1. Tell the students they are going to help you write a make-believe book about a dinosaur using the poem This Little Piggy.
  2. Have students say This Little Piggy with you.
  3. Explain that the class is going to write a poem about This Little Dinosaur and make it into a book.