Lesson Plan

What Do You Love About Them?

In this lesson, students will express their love for someone they deeply care for. They will complete a guided mindfulness practice to send kind wishes and will make a craft that represents their love for this person.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to express their gratitude for someone they love and care for by practicing heartfulness and making a craft for them.


(10 minutes)
Reflecting on Love
  • Bring the class together in a circle.
  • Ask the students what they know about heartfulness. Write all of their responses on the board.
  • Write the definition for heartfulness on the board: "Sending kind wishes in our mind to other people and animals."
  • Ask the class if/when they have practiced heartfulness. What did they notice? How does it make them feel?
  • Explain that they will be participating in a heartfulness activity and practice session, and then they will make a craft connected to heartfulness.
  • Ask students to partner up.
  • Guide the class to come into a mindful body. They may close their eyes or look down. Then, have them take a few full breaths into their bellies.
  • Ask partners to turn to each other.
  • Explain that one person will first think of a person or pet/animal whom they love and care about. This person will speak about their chosen person or animal for two minutes, while their partner mindfully listens.
  • The listening partner will ask, "What do you love about them?" Then, the other partner will speak again and share what they love. This will continue for two minutes, until the chime has been rung (or the teacher signals the end of the sharing period).
  • Ask the person who is listening to only pause and listen, and to use their mindfulness in focusing on the person who is speaking.
  • Tell each group that each person will have two minutes to share.
  • Give the groups time to decide who will first speak and listen.