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What's For Breakfast?

Teach your class to develop strong inferencing skills by focusing on clues and hard evidence. In this lesson, students will play a game of “What’s for Breakfast?” to help them link context clues with word meaning.
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Learning Objectives

After finishing this lesson, students will be able to identify context clues within a text to define unknown words or phrases in informational text by combining their background knowledge with textual evidence.


(10 minutes)
TablesZheng He Worksheet
  • Begin the lesson by having the students sit and gather around you near a comfortable spot in the classroom.
  • Explain that over the weekend, your family had breakfast without you because you decided to sleep in.
  • Tell them that breakfast is your favorite family time and that you wish you could have shared that special moment with them.
  • Share that you wish to recreate the breakfast they had without you for the following weekend, however, you are not sure what it was.
  • Bring out the mystery breakfast trash bag and explain that even though you weren't able to see what they had for breakfast, that you still think you can figure it out by checking the contents of the trash bag from that day.
  • Ask your students to help you guess what the mystery breakfast was. As you pull each item from the bag, stop to ask questions such as: What do you think this was used for? What does this smell like? Have you ever used these things when cooking before? What kind of food was it?
  • Stop when the students discover that your family had blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

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