Lesson Plan

Which is Your Favorite Season?

Use this lesson to teach your students about the appropriate wardrobe for the different seasons. Also, teach them about the wonderful holidays of each season!
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Which is your favorite season: spring, summer, winter, or fall? Young learners will enjoy discussing, comparing, and contrasting the four seasons in this lesson plan designed for kindergarten and first grade. After listening to The Four Seasons leveled reader, discussing the current season, and describing the weather, clothing, and activities associated with each season, children will complete a variety of colorful, season-themed worksheets. This lesson is a fun way to introduce learners to the process of sorting and categorizing information.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe how people, places, things, and events are effected by the four seasons in conversation and writing.


(10 minutes)
What to Wear in the FallSilly Seasons: HolidaysWhat Do You Wear in the Spring?What Do You Wear in the Winter?What to Wear Weather WorksheetFour Seasons Activity PlacematWhat Do You Wear in the Summer?Name the Season #1
  • Ask your students if they know what the four seasons are.
  • Listen to the interactive reader Four Seasons and see if students can come up with more details about the four seasons.
  • List the names of the seasons on the board. Ask your students the name of the current season.
  • Ask your students to describe the current season in partners. Prompt them to elaborate on what the weather is like, what people wear, what people do, what places look like, and what events happen in each season.
  • Remind students to stay on topic when they are discussing the topic of seasons or the Four Seasons text.