Lesson Plan

Who Is Mae Jemison?

Mae Jemison was the first African American female astronaut to enter space! Use the Who Is Mae Jemison? lesson plan to get to know this prominent scientist and entrepreneur. Students will read about Mae and then answer questions about her.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to learn about Mae Jemison and answer questions about what they have read.


(7 minutes)
Biography ResearchWho Is Mae Jemison?The Star, Mae JemisonIntroducing Mae Jemison, the Star
  • Ask your students, "How do we know what details are important to remember about a person?"
  • Jot some of their ideas down on the board. Student ideas will vary, but latch onto the concept that their importance depends what this person has done or said, and what influence he or she has had on others. Define influence as the ability to change someone's mind or actions. Possible follow-up questions could be:
    • "Why do we remember people?"
    • "Who are some people you like to remember?"
    • "Why would you read a book about someone?"
  • Explain that today we are going to read a biography, or a text about a person that usually includes important dates and events in that person's life.
  • Tell students they will learn more about the first African American female astronaut to enter into space, then answer questions about her life.