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Who Was Amelia Boynton Robinson?

Take your fourth and fifth graders on a deep dive into the civil rights movement with this lesson on Amelia Boynton Robinson. A key activist in the movement, Amelia played a critical role in organizing the Selma to Montgomery march. Your students will read, annotate, and analyze her biography through multiple reads, before discussing the text with their classmates.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to annotate a nonfiction text on Amelia Boynton Robinson and discuss her impact on history using text evidence.


(5 minutes)
Biography Research
  • Ask students what they know about the civil rights movement. Allow students to share their background knowledge and take notes of their thoughts on the chart paper.
  • Discuss their input and correct any misconceptions. Students might bring up Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks. Define the civil rights movement as the national movement in the 1950s and 1960s for black people and their supporters to end racial segregation and gain equal rights in the United States. Jot down the definition on the chart paper, as well.
  • Tell students that today they will learn about an important activist and leader of the civil rights movement named Amelia Boynton Robinson. Show pictures (see materials section) of Amelia throughout her life to give students a visual idea of who she was and the work she did.

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