Lesson Plan

Whose Side of the Story?

Allow your students to explore how stories may change depending on the perspectives from which they're told. Interesting texts and a creative writing assignment make this quite the engaging lesson.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to rewrite a story from the point of view of another character.


(5 minutes)
Biography: Christopher Columbus
  • Pose the following scenario: There is a person at school who is bullying you. He has been teasing you and even taking your things without permission. One day, the principal calls you both into his office. He asks what has been going on between the two of you. Would you and the bully tell the same story? How would the stories be different?
  • Remind students that a narrator is the person who tells a story. Explain that the same story may change depending on who the narrator is. For example, if a robber robbed a store and somebody witnessed it, the robber and the witness would probably have two different stories about what happened.
  • Ask students: What factors may change the way a narrator tells the story? Some examples you can suggest are the narrator's interests, background, past experiences, motivations, etc.
  • Tell students that today they will be looking at the same story or event from the point of view, or perspective, of two different narrators.