Lesson Plan:

Winter Weather Fun

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September 9, 2015
by Alexandra Parlamas
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September 9, 2015
by Alexandra Parlamas

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify what is appropriate in winter weather.


Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Ask students what their favorite thing to do in the winter is.
  • Share what your favorite thing is about winter.
  • Tell students that today they will be learning about winter.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (10 minutes)

  • Read students the story Snowmen at Night. Discuss what the weather is like and different activities the snowmen do throughout the story.
  • Discuss winter weather clothing such as long pants, big coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. Ask students why they need to wear this kind of clothing in the winter.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (5 minutes)

  • Tell your students that they will be making their own snowman.
  • Give each student the Build a Snowman worksheet.
  • In front of the class, cut out the three circles on your own worksheet. Model glueing them down, adding buttons made from black paper, and drawing a face.
  • Pass out scissors, glue, black paper, and crayons.

Independent Working Time (15 minutes)

  • Students will now complete the craft independently. Monitor student work throughout the craft.



  • Enrichment: Have students play the Build a Snowman! game.
  • Support: Students who have difficulty cutting should be given precut circles and buttons.


Assessment (5 minutes)

  • Give each student a copy of Circle What Belongs and have them identify what clothing is appropriate for winter.

Review and Closing (10 minutes)

  • Have each student stand up and show the class their snowman. Have them name one activity that their snowman would do in the winter.

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