Lesson plan

Words in the Family

Perfect for a unit on the family, this lesson uses “houses” to teach the concept of how rhyming words fit together in similar “families.” This lesson uses the -at rhyme but can be adapted for use with other three-letter rhyming words!
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Students will be able to recognize words that rhyme with -at words. Students will be able to create words that are in the same -at word family. Students will be able to differentiate between words that are in different word families, such as the difference between -at words and -an words.

(5 minutes)
  • Introduce the lesson with a warm-up of pictures that rhyme with -at.
  • Invite the students to name the words and to stand up if the words sound like cat.
  • Tell the students that they will be working on creating their own sets of rhyming words that belong in the same family.
(5 minutes)
  • Using the rhyming house SMART Board file or print-outs of the PDF version, model the process of creating words with -at that rhyme.
  • Construct the words and write each part of the word, letter by letter.
  • Model blending the letters to form words.
  • Emphasize and show students how the words fit into the same word family.
(5 minutes)
  • Distribute the student manipulative rhyming houses, along with the student manipulative letters.
  • Call out various -at words that can be created with the student manipulatives. Letter cards with -an are also included, with the purpose of helping students differentiate between rhymes.
  • Have the students practice forming the words using their letters as you call out the words.
(10 minutes)
  • Distribute the Word Family book to each student.
  • Have the students create words to match the pictures in the book and then write the corresponding letter beside each picture.
  • Enrichment: Challenge the students to create rhyming words with the -an rhyme that was not used earlier in the lesson. Challenge the students to create sentences with these new words.
  • Support: For additional reinforcement, provide one of the Meet the Family worksheets. Have the students first name the word. Accentuate the letter that is at the beginning of the word, and have the students name the word.
(5 minutes)
  • Distribute a half-sheet of the rhyming word house and a pencil to each student.
  • Ask the students to mix their letters up and create three rhyming words with the -at rhyme.
  • Direct the students to write three rhyming words on the inside of the house.
(5 minutes)
  • Have the students sit in a large circle.
  • Distribute index cards with one rhyming word written on each card.
  • Invite the students to add cards to the inside of the circle, placing alike cards together.
  • As students place the cards together, hold up the card and have the class blend the sounds on the card and say the word.

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