Lesson Plan

Write, Draw, Reflect

In this lesson, students will reflect on what they have learned, connected to mindfulness and living in a caring community, and will write a letter to a future student to encourage them in their learning, as well.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify ways mindfulness and social emotional learning has supported them through the school year and write a letter to support a future student with learning these skills.


(15 minutes)
  • Place posters up around the classroom.
  • Join students together in a circle, sitting or standing.
  • Explain to them that there are posters up around the classroom with questions on them.
  • Explain that they will each be given a stack of sticky notes to answer the question and place their answer on the poster.
  • Explain that they do not have to write their name and that they will move to each poster and question.
  • Go around and read each question aloud.
  • Tell students that you will ring a chime after about 10 minutes, which should hopefully be enough time for everyone to answer all the questions.
  • Ask if anyone has any questions.
  • Pass out sticky notes.
  • Ask students to go to a poster to begin.
  • Optional: Play soft calming music, such as "Relaxation for Children" while students move through the posters.
  • RIng the chime after 10 minutes.
  • Ask students to stay where they are at each poster.
  • Ask students to share with each other what they answered for that particular poster question.
  • Ask one student at each poster to read the question out loud and to then read a number of classroom answers.
  • Join students together in a circle again.