Lesson Plan

Writing About Maria Montessori

In this lesson, students will learn all about Maria Montessori, a pioneering researcher and teacher, and create their own biographical books about this inspiring woman.
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In this lesson plan, students will learn about Maria Montessori, a pioneering researcher and teacher who changed the lives of students all over the world because of her revolutionary educational theories. Students will read a book about Maria Montessori, taking notes as a class and reflecting on the story along the way. Then they will use what they've learned to create their own biographical books about the inspiring researcher. This reading and writing lesson, Writing About Maria Montessori, is a great way to help first and second graders practice informational writing.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to write informative/explanatory texts.


(3 minutes)
Biography: Who Am I?Biography Booklet
  • Gather the students together in a circle.
  • Display a photograph of Maria Montessori for students to see.
  • Ask the students to turn and talk to share if they have ever seen a picture of this woman before.
  • Allow the students to share out a few ideas, and clarify that the person in the photo is Maria Montessori. Elaborate that Maria Montessori was a doctor and teacher, and she changed the way that teachers all over the world think about teaching and learning. She believed learning should be meaningful and fun!
  • Explain to the students that today, they will get a chance to listen to a book about Maria Montessori and learn about her life.