Lesson Plan

Writing From the Heart

This lesson will inspire your students to focus on the people, pets, things, places, and ideas that mean the most to them! Your students will practice writing in this heartfelt lesson.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to express the people, things, places, and ideas that are meaningful to them through the use of writing and illustrations.
  • Students will be able to write informative texts where they come up with a topic, supply facts about it, and provide a sense of closure.


(10 minutes)
Writing Heart TemplateInformational Writing
  • Draw a large heart on the chart paper with a marker.
  • Explain to your students that they will write meaningful topics and keep these topics in their desks for the entire year to refer back to when they can't think of things to write about.
  • Elaborate that when something is meaningful, it is something that they really care about.