Lesson Plan

You Be the Judge!

Give students an opportunity to practice subtraction and analyze their peers' work with this fun lesson. Young mathematicians will have a great time playing a judging game and completing quirky worksheets.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use different subtraction methods.


(5 minutes)
Practice Subtraction: Dog WalkingSubtraction: Color in the CirclesPractice Subtraction: Corn
  • Ask the class to have a discussion on what they know about subtraction.
  • Ask students to name some mental strategies they use in order to solve subtraction problems.
  • Create a list of strategies on the board, e.g. decomposing, number bonds, tape diagram, and regrouping.
  • Tell students that today, they will play a subtraction game called You Be the Judge. The game will give them a chance to anonymously judge their classmates' thinking and solutions.