Independence Day weekend is full of fun, from outdoor barbeques to fireworks displays and parades. Want to sneak some learning into the mix? Try these fun - and educational - 4th of July activities.

For Young Children

Make a Flag ... And Practice Counting!
It’s Independence Day! Why not add some red, white, and blue to your life, and give your child some practice with a major math concept…counting to 100 independently. A little independence is a good thing…especially in time for July 4th. Read more.

Make a Patriotic Pinwheel
This hands-on activity uses just a few ordinary supplies to create an extra-fun Fourth of July craft. You and your child can celebrate our nation's heritage while also boosting skills in geometric thinking and following sequential directions. And while you're at it, you'll even demonstrate a little wind power in action! Read more.

For Elementary Age Children

Make an Independence Day Word Puzzle!
Personal freedom is one topic children love to discuss with their parents. Even at a young age, some kids feel they have limited rights and very few choices. This 4th of July, end the battle for independence in your house, and show your child just how much freedom she can enjoy. Here's a creative, reflective activity that your child can display as a visual reminder of what it really means to be free. Read more.

Make a Freedom Kite
The Fourth of July is associated with cookouts, fireworks and parades, but in the midst of all this fun, it's easy to overlook the reason for celebrating. Making a Freedom Kite is a great way to show appreciation for independence on this special day, and enjoy the summer sunshine with family. Read more.

Send an Independence Day Postcard
In school, elementary students are taught about the historical developments in both their own communities and the United States, but many may fall short in understanding how this applies to their life today. July Fourth is a perfect opportunity for students to strengthen their analytical skills, in addition to their reading and writing, as they reflect upon the importance of this special holiday. Read more

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