Nobody likes a pushy parent. On the other hand, no one has more genuine interest in your child’s success than you do. How can you help your kids reach their full potential? We asked Annmarie Edwards, author of the new book, 50 Ways to Maximize Your Potential, for advice on nurturing a child’s strengths and building their skills. Here are her tips:

Set goals: Ask your kids about their dreams, whether they be short-term or long-term. Then help them figure out some steps they can take to get there. Before someone can be an Olympic breaststroker, they need to learn how to swim.

Help them learn to manage their time: Show older kids how to make daily and weekly checklists of tasks they need to accomplish, and to check them off as they complete them.

Teach persistence: Slow and steady wins the race. Help your children stay focused on their goals, no matter the obstacles. Encourage them not to give up. Persistence pays off but kids need to believe in themselves to stay the course.

Foster creativity: Engage your children in creative activities or help them look at things in new ways.

Get outside: Breathe fresh air. Take a stroll and enjoy nature. This can offer time for reflection and inspiration.